• There are many benefits of biking to work:

    • Bike to Bethesda MapEconomic - It's inexpensive.
    • Health - You can commute to work and stay in shape.  A 5 mile, one-way commute burns 300 calories round-trip for a 130-pound woman.
    • Environment - More bikes mean less traffic congestion and less pollution.


    Consider biking to work

    If you are thinking about trading in four wheels for two, make sure you have the appropriate equipment, starting with a bike helmet, lights, horn/bell, bike lock, basic tool kit.

    Here are some recommendations for getting started:

    • Try a practice run on the weekend
    • Find another person to ride with you
    • Begin gradually with just one day a week at first
    • Bike to the Metro or put your bike on a Ride On bus Metro Bike Requirements
    • Contact the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA) at www.waba.org to help you find the best commuter route for you.


    For more information, contact Kristen Blackmon at kblackmon@bethesda.org or 301-656-0868 x 119.

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