• Wal & Ride LogoHow does the Walk & Ride Challenge work?

    Folks form teams with their colleagues and compete against other teams in Bethesda by logging their steps into the Walk & Ride Challenge website. This event has ended for 2023. Visit this page again next year to register!

    Who can participate?

    All downtown Bethesda-based companies and their employees.

    What are the details?

    This Challenge tracks walking during your commute to work.

    You can track your steps anywhere and everywhere, as long as they are taken from the time you start your commute until you return home. Walk to and from the Metro station, to and from the bus stop, to and from work, and even to your home computer from your kitchen! Walk to a new restaurant for lunch, or if you brought food from home, go out for a long walk instead of working at your desk while you eat. Walking and transit is an ideal combination. You might not live close enough to your job to walk to work. So, ride Metrorail and walk from the Metro station or your bus stop to your workplace.

    What You Could Get:

    Weekly Prizes
    Each week, participants walking more than 10,000 steps will be entered into a drawing to win great prizes. In addition, there will be occasional scavenger hunts and other ways to win prizes.

    Team Prizes
    The top 3 teams with the highest average number of logged steps receive a team prize (1st, 2nd & 3rd place).


    If you have any questions, you can contact Kristen Blackmon at KBlackmon@bethesda.org or 301-656-0868, ext. 119.