• Recognition Awards

    AwardeesEach year, Commuter Connections (part of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments) recognizes companies around the Washington region, like the Bethesda-based Cadmus Group (pictured), who won in 2015, who are doing great things for their employees to help them get out of their cars and onto transit or into carpools and telework.

    Commuter Connections seeks nominations each year for their Annual Employer Recognition Awards for companies who are leaders in the following three categories: 

    1. Incentives - Providing benefits that make using alternative transportation modes easier, and more attractive to employees, than driving alone, including the following:

    2. Marketing - Developing creative methods to promote alternative commuting options to employees.

    3. Teleworking - Initiating or enhancing a successful telework program for employees.

    The nomination period typically runs from early December until the last day of January each year.

    If you would like for your company to be considered, please contact Kristen Blackmon at BTS - KBlackmon@bethesda.org or by calling 301-656-0868 x 119. Kristen will help you draft your company’s nomination using information in your Transportation Demand Management Plan.