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Earth Month 2021

We've all heard of Earth Day, celebrated on April 22 each year.

At BTS, however, we have leveled up to Earth Month!

To celebrate Earth Month this year, we designed some challenges with the goal of encouraging Bethesda employees and residents to incorporate walking into the work day and increase time spent outdoors!

If you're participating in the Earth Month Scavenger Hunt, the fun starts on this page. Keep hunting for questions and each question will lead you to the next answer!

Walk at Work Challenge - April 5-30, 2021

The Challenge is to see how you can walk more throughout your work day. You can try taking a meeting while walking, or taking a meeting "al fresco"on your patio. You can even take a quick walk over lunch!

Whatever you do, take a photo and let us know! You can use the hashtag #walkatwork on Facebook or Twitter, or send it to Jennifer Zucker at

What's in it for you? Besides getting out in the beautiful spring weather and appreciating our planet, there are of course prizes.

We will be holding weekly drawings for $50 in Bethesda Bucks and a $25 Amazon e-gift card!

So what are you waiting for? Get outside and start walking!

Earth Week Virtual Scavanger Hunt - April 19-23, 2021

BTS isn't the only organization celebrating Earth Month. There are events and initiatives happening all over Montgomery County!

To better become better acquainted with these amazing efforts, we are going to have a virtual scavenger hunt.

How does it work? Starting Monday, April 19, we will post questions right here on our website, starting on our homepage, and ask participants to track down the answers. Responses should be sent to Jennifer Zucker at by 5:00pm on Friday, April 23.

So what do you get besides important information about Earth Month? Prizes of course! We will be drawing five winners, who will receive $50 in Bethesda Bucks and a $25 Amazon e-gift card!

Other Initiatives in Montgomery County

Montgomery County Greenfest - The entire month of April 2021

Montgomery County Energy Summit - May 4-6, 2021

Montgomery County Draft Climate Action Plan - ongoing

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Question 1 of 5: What is the target year in Montgomery County's Draft Climate Action Plan for elimination of greenhouse gases?

Earth Month Scavenger Hunt Question 2 of 5: How long is the Capital Crescent Trail?


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