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Walk and Ride Challenge
The mission of this annual event is to inspire downtown Bethesda employees to incorporate walking into their daily routine when considering alternative commute modes other than driving alone and sitting in traffic. The Challenge encourages everyone to get out of their car, take transit and get walking. Get fit just by going to work!

Who: All downtown Bethesda based companies and their employees

When: October 4-24, 2015

What You Do: With a pedometer, which we will provide for you and your teammates, you'll track the number of steps you take each day and enter them into our online log. This Challenge tracks walking ONLY. Biking for recreation, roller blading, and other forms of exercise are not tracked by pedometer and those activities will not count toward your total step count.

Where: Everywhere! Walk to and from the Metro station, to and from the bus stop, to and from work - and everywhere in between! Walk to a new restaurant for lunch, or if you brought food from home, go out for a long walk instead of working at your desk while you eat. Walking and transit is an ideal combination. You might not live close enough to your job to walk to work. So, ride Metrorail and walk from the Metro station or your bus stop to your workplace.

What You Could Get: Each week, participants walking more than 50,000 steps will be entered into a drawing to win great prizes. Those walking 25,000-49,000 steps will be entered into a drawing for other great prizes. In addition, there will be occasional scavenger hunts and other ways to win prizes.

The Grand Prize: Each member of the team with the highest average number of logged steps will receive a grand prize.

Contact Jennifer Zucker at jzucker@bethesda.org or call 301-656-0868 ext. 118.

The 2014 Walk and Ride Challenge was a great success!

BTS recognizes the members of the top 3 teams with the highest average steps. That's each team member's total steps added up, and divided by the number of members on the team.

2014's First Place prize was awarded to the team from the Original Pancake House! The members of this team walked an average of 273,814 steps over the 3-week period.
Third Place: Walk this Way
The Soup-A-Stars from HDR, Inc. walked an average of270,216 to claim the second place position.

  Second Place: ASHP Team 1
Third Place went to Chips and Walkamole from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists walked an average of 259,275 steps over the 3-week period.

Walk and Ride 2015 Sponsors
Original Pancake House
Rockville Family Chiropractic

Uncle Sam
Bethesda Circulator