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Three routes serve the Bethesda Metrorail Station.
  • J2 and J3 lines run between Silver Spring and Bethesda.
  • J4 express line runs between College Park and Bethesda.
  • J7 and J9 lines(I-270 Express) run between the Lakeforest Transit Center and Bethesda.
Click here for schedule information or visit our office at 7700 Old Georgetown Road to get these and any other route maps.

Bus Stops
Bus stops are clearly marked with the red, white and blue Metrobus signs. Riders are urged to check the destination on the bus before boarding. The route number and destination are displayed above the windshield or on the boarding side of the bus.

Metrobus drivers do not carry money. Riders must have exact change, use a pass or SmarTrip® card.
  • $1.60 Regular routes using SmarTrip®
  • $1.80 Regular routes using cash
  • 80¢ Regular routes seniors and people with disabilities
  • $3.65 Express routes using SmarTrip®
  • $4.00 Express routes using cash
  • $1.80 Express routes seniors and people with disabilities using SmarTrip®
Click here for more Metrobus fare information.

  • Metrobus to Metrobus - Bus-to-bus transfers with a SmarTrip® card are valid for free, unlimited Metrobus connections (including round trips) within a two-hour period.
  • Metrobus to Metrorail - Metrobus riders who transfer to the Metrorail system will receive a discount if they use a SmarTrip® card.
  • Metrorail to Metrobus - Metrorail riders who transfer to Metrobus will receive a discount if they use a SmarTrip® card.
  • Transfers to Express Routes - Those who use a SmarTrip® and transfer from a $1.50 regular-fare route to a $3.65 express route pay only the $2.15 difference.
  • Other fares and transfers - MARC Transit Link cards, MARC weekly and monthly passes and VRE passes and tickets are valid for regular fares.
    • Transfers from other buses are valid for full or partial fares on Metrobus.
Metro Bike Requirements
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