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Annual Commuter Survey
Each year, the Montgomery County Annual Commuter Survey is conducted to help find ways to improve transportation services around the county. Your participation is valuable and your answers will be confidential.

The survey gathers valuable information evaluating the various modes of transportation used by employees commuting to work. The survey consists of commuter data collected from local governments, organizations and businesses.

The information will be used by the Office of Research Services, Division of Travel and Transportation Services (DTTS) and the Office of Research Facilities, Division of Facilities Planning to assist in developing alternative transportation programs in and around Bethesda.

Company participation is required and organizations are chosen via a county-specific selection process. Please note that Montgomery County selects certain companies to participate each year. If you do you not see your company listed in the drop-down menu in the survey, your company was not selected to particiate, therefore you cannot participate in the survey.

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