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Smart Benefits Program
Get Smart with SmartBenefits!
SmartBenefits is a web-based program that lets employers load the dollar value of an employee's Metrochek commuter benefit directly on his or her SmarTrip card for use on Metrorail. Employees take their permanent, plastic, electronic SmarTrip card to any Metro station's Passes/Farecards machine between the first and last day of the benefit month and claim their benefit. The SmarTrip card costs $5 and can be registered with a unique serial number at the time of purchase to protect against loss.
Big Changes to SmartBenefits!
SmartBenefits is now in compliance with the new IRS mandate, which states that parking and transit benefits must be separated to "restrict comingled use." (Internal Revenue bulletin Rev. Rul. 2006-57) The deadline for compliance was January 2012.

Employers, this change means that if you provide transit AND parking benefits, you MUST separate those benefits into benefit category types.

In addition, the way in which benefits are loaded onto the SmarTrip card has changed. Now, instead of having to tap the card at a vending machine at a station, employees will receive their benefits when they tap their SmarTrip card at a rail faregate or bus farebox. This process is called Autoload, metro has been phasing it in throughout the year.

As an employer participating in SmartBenefits, your account will need to be converted to Autoload. Metro will notify you of your conversion date.

Click here to view a PowerPoint from WMATA with more information!

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